Thursday, April 19, 2007

my new blog

i probably shouldn't do this.


chris said...

of course you should do this! unlike a second bowl of cereal, blogging is always a good idea. well, maybe not always, but damn near.

welcome to the blogosphere!!

blk said...

ha. that's so funny. you read that! thanks ;)

John said...

Sure you should. :)

And I agree with Jeff on the issue of audience. At first, I was bothered by the lack of audience too, especially since my first blogging experience had been on Live Journal where I had a built in audience from the start (a few friends who were active LJers talked me into it). Write and your audience will continue to grow.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

thanks, John, for the encouraging words. by now, i'm developing a little obssession w/ writing here, so no worries (i think).

thanks for writing.

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