indie film "crisis"?

hodgman. love.

best of 2008


dear santa,

video games (torture)

slide #1

sundance film fesitval 2009

on sundance 2009 (boycott options)

"i'm like ... professional" (intro clip: backstory)

robert redford on drilling

on passion

come on!

trailers ... (w/ pre-spectation reflection)

electric car. 2 years off? not.

sundance 2009

dear people planning to boycott SFF 2009,

film update

dear future grad student,


nostalgia ... passions ...

cartograms (by Mark Newman)

relief ...

dear pop culture moment,

sundance 2009 news (kinda sad)

reanimating ethos

blow people away everytime you say anything

hello, method. nice to see you.

testing (use "full screen" - it's a cell phone film)


sundance interludes


this happened

repurposing mccain

jessica yu's protagonist

ekphrastic ambition

ekphrastic affects

i'm like . . . professional (update)

2009 sundance film festival

miranda july repurposes family videos

faith in Letterman massively restored

film project update

tool aesthetics matter

bill maher clip . . . [ranting . . . frustration . . . ]

back in the day . . .

DFW on McCain (via WSJ interview)

DFW -- because it feels important

"Also because she went around [ . . . ]

performative documentary conventions

Obama on O'reilly (hear sucking-in-winds of hope and fear) . . .

No End In Sight

insights on creativity

quote/new-agey mantra du jour

things that start w/ "M" . . .

"The New Girl" (dialogue perfection)

assuming W (even) shows up . . .

hey, a woman! . . . hey. waaaayyyytttaminute . . .


beyond words (the book)

documentary's affects

actual message to all faculty (verbatim)

at the grocery store