Saturday, July 26, 2008

adventures of power

we saw Adventures of Power (filmed in Utah) at a volunteer screening the night before the 2008 Sundance Film Festival began (it's a traditional vol perk). as i was waiting in the hall w/ Mike and talking to the Park City Library Theater Manager about the upcoming film, I said, "I'm not at all into air drumming [the subject of the fictional feature] or metal [the subject of the 2nd feature doc], but Mike dragged me along . . ." just as Ari Gold (the film's writer/director/lead actor) walked by, looking very calm and unaffected, as if to radiate, "why, yes. i did hear that." as it turned out, i enjoyed the film and gushed to Gold afterward, feeling apologetic and small and reminded of the fact i did not have a film screening in the festival.

note: it does seem true that festival films often screen better at festivals (the audience desire for the film's success is something you can feel in/through the body), so i don't know if it will play quite as well outside of that context, but i thought i'd give a little nod. i liked it.

so for local Utahns, Adventures of Power will screen free at the Sundance Summer Film Series up at the Resort next Wednesday evening. usually, they start when it gets dark, but you may want to call to check (801.225.4107). and here's a trailer:

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