Sunday, July 20, 2008

maybe ...

it's true that the currently confusing state of academic life accommodates the focus-deprived individual, such as myself. traditionally, "successful" academics earned that title by writing (a) book(s). i struggle with that task. i'm still after it, but my film work keeps interrupting:

"um, say there,
excuse me, but wouldn't you rather...
(a beat)
make me??"

"why, yes, please!"

my upcoming fall sabbatical is about the book, but now that i've begun my new film project, i'm not sure how i'll get it all done. maybe the struggle will test my theory about writing as "subtractive" (ala Massumi) in light of the affective intensities of multimodal work such as filmmaking, and the book will just sort of emerge, given a halfway decent schedule, coffee, new-age mantras, and plenty of (sigh) "seat time." OR, i'll simply follow the voices in my head, respond to their direction, and eventually find myself in a new paradigm.

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