Thursday, July 17, 2008

project run(a)way

oboy. season 5 premiere of Project Runway off to a discouraging start. it seems the producers, salivating at the possibility of another Christian Siriano (regarding on-air personality and decidedly not thinking about actual talent, which Sirriano has -- see below), selected as a contestant the over-tanned, cluelessly neon-loving "Blayne." i predict/hope to see him gone next week and was surprised that he didn't get the axe last night. i mean, Jerry's slasher rain jacket was kooky, sure, but it was interesting and i liked the cut, the hooks, the use of the shower curtain hardware and the drape of the thing; even the kooky gloves and boots said something, something beyond "i don't know what this is," which is how Blayne's "piece" spoke to me.

Jerry's mistake came not so much in the execution of/or his design but in his presentation. he could have "made it work." when Heidi asked, "so where do we wear this?" (not quoting directly), Jerry said the ensemble's intended for "a night on the town" ... and oh, my ... how about, "it's runway spectacle," which would have been fine, easy-route tablecloth/showercurtain usage notwithstanding. but Blayne? look. "girliscious" is a stupid word, (really needing that extra syllable and the "ee" sound, as in "bootyliscious" or "fergieliscious") and your outfit looked as though you had crammed an actual human girl into a worn out tire and then placed a feminine protection product on her torso. gross. gross. i know (sorry, but that's my take).

but so here's Christian Siriano, talented and likeable:

i complain, but you know i'll stick with it. early prediction: Kelli maybe Kenley.

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