Sunday, July 20, 2008

where is mario lopez?

so i'm reading the New York Times and see a link to a review of Mario Lopez' performance in A Chorus Line. now, i'm no big Mario Lopez fan (i'm not an anti-fan), but A Chorus Line was one of the first Broadway shows i saw. i was 15, on a trip with my family, back in the late 70's (breathe), and i was a pretty rabid fan. later, i sang "What I Did for Love" in my first highschool musical audition. i got a part in the chorus (ha), probably because while i cried and made other people cry, as well, i was not "peripatetic, poetic, and chic." so but back to Lopez: i figure, let's see what he's bringing to the show...

click. nothing. click again. nothing. the link is dead. search. 0 finds. search again. 0 finds. what?

is he that bad? is he that famous, so famous as to have the power to get the New York Times to yank a bad review? is he bringing so much to NYC that he is getting a pass? where is that review? where has it gone???

the worst thing is that i'm now searching furiously to find a review of Lopez in A Chorus Line . . . anywhere, anything . . . can't find it. all i can find are earlier notices announcing his addition to the cast (one narrative line has Lopez' casting as an attempt to boost summer sales).

if you, or anyone you know, have information on the whereabouts of a review of Mario Lopez in A Chorus Line, please leave your information in the comments form.

for now, even though it feels corny out of context, here's a little show tune. this the original cast (and the sound is pretty bad, so turn it down), the one i saw from the 5th row, center. i was dazzled, transfixed, vibing out with longing to perform and forming my disposition as a young wanabe. later, before heading back to the hotel, we stood in an alley. we didn't know why, but my Dad kept saying, "just wait." and "something very special is about to happen." we had. no. idea ... but soon, a door opened, and out came these fabulous people we'd fallen for so intensely and with what felt like such deep emotional sincerity. so we met some of the cast by the stage door. i was smitten with the whole performance vibe -- the smoking (smoking?! hey, who doesn't need a smoke after 2 hours of singing, dancing, and angsty good times?); the laughter; the danskins; the capezio dance shoes -- which I then bought and wore throughout the '80's; the makeup; the camaraderie ... the fans. so but anyhow ...

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