Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2009 sundance film festival

as usual, i'll try to keep you updated on my 2009 Sundance Film Festival experience. as i write, Victor Vitanza is hard at work preparing my little essay on my Sundance 2007 experience (including some film reviews which are surprisingly still relevant, especially given that Charles Ferguson has released No End In Sight on YouTube, where it will screen until Nov. 4). the piece will appear in PRE/TEXT. other films i reviewed may possibly at this point be found on DVD. don't miss Protagonist, if you get the chance to see it. i had thought it would be laugh-out-loud funny. but i was. seriously. wrong. instead, it was moving beyond words. see it. (and if you need some advance information, read my essay. or, use the link above to read several other reviews from far more established film review-type writers).

but so generally look here for posts on festival preparations, cool films and events, and my own personal take on all things SFF 2009.

n.b. -- honestly, i'm not sure that everyone at Sundance loves that i write publicly about SFF, but so far, there have been no "cease and desist orders." and but i generally love -- and make clear that i love -- the whole hot mess of it.

also n.b. -- i "borrowed" this image from an email that was sent to SFF alumni volunteers; hopefully, this is cool, but if i disappear the image, you'll know that it wasn't. i sort of love its steampunk aesthetic, a vibe i happily find radiating often from Sundance promotional materials.

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