Wednesday, September 24, 2008

film project update

less is more. brevity in communciation is best. why so difficult to to perform my deep understanding of these concepts? maybe it's that old creaker, the "therapeutic nature of writing," and it's there and it's real and i tap it often. apologies if it grates.

but so anyhow, what brings me back to these concepts? my recent exchange with the subject of my documentary, who is back in communication with me after a very brief and tiny and respectful-of-his-time-and-creative genius-type sensitivity period of silence. so we're developing a cleaner method of proceeding, one that doesn't overwhelm us (i do tend to become nerve-janglingly excited about my film projects, and although that affect feels to me like a tiny jolt of heaven, i realize that it can also be read as simply annoying). so but. yay.

image: yu-cheng chou, "emotions"

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