Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm like . . . professional (update)

good news. my documentary's subject, M Dot Strange will be taking a train in to meet me in San Francisco while i'm there for MLA. if you've seen We Are the Strange, which is the film that drew my attention to M, you will see that this is kind of funny (psst . . . ice cream train).

i had hoped to be filming this september, but our schedule got complicated when his schedule became complicated due to requests for his presence at various venues internationalé. he's quite in demand, so i'm very lucky that he's agreed to work with me and especially to grant me some time during the holiday season. at all.

and, well, MLA can be fabulous, but there are also certain MLA experiences that are less-than-ideally enchanting. so it will be nice to have an alterative another primary mission for attending. i mean, this year's location, San Francisco, has much to recommend it, not least of which is the presence of the Marc Jacobs store, which is for me more of a fabulous museum than it is a location for actually making actual purchases (a girl can dream, but there are limits . . . maybe. okay, no. there are limits. but then, i mean, there is that whole life's short thing to consider . . .). but so shopping, yeah. but getting something done on the film collaboration front? better.

plus, did i mention The Westin? seriously.

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