Monday, September 22, 2008

tool aesthetics matter

i don't mind saying that i am, for better or worse, p-r-i-t-t-y particular about the tools i use in my work. i am especially happy if they are silver, ecstatic if they are platinum-mirror-type silver.

but so while this item comes with a sort of brushed-silvery finish, it's still awfully nice, my new portable stapler. i use it for auditions because i always forget to staple my headshot to my résumé until i'm on site, where they will sometimes but not always have a stapler for us losers to use. i also encourage my students to purchase some kind of mini-stapler-type item if they want to be the popular kid on the day papers are due (and yes, even though many of us are using google docs, there comes. a time).

so but i'm fairly certain that you can't find a cooler mini stapler than this tiny swingline. i'm happy. it takes so little, really.

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