Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sundance interludes

as i mentioned a little while back, it's about time to start getting excited about the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. and now, it seems that everyone is tripping over themselves trying to get after the various manifestations of social networking and youtube and whatnot, trying to think about how evolving information flows are affecting election-type political discourses and outcomes and, well, The Future of Life (it's all quite grand). there is a lot of awfully smart stuff out there on such matters, but for my little part, i'm wondering what the festival has in mind for its festival theme as well as its pre-screening Sundance promo films, short clips that carry out the festival theme even as they say things about much more than film (to think about, say, the current political scene. or, actually, i think i'm remembering the year we thought that this is what the short films would do, as Sundance had hired Jib Jab following the success of the Bush/Kerry sing-a-long) and storytelling (although storytelling is high on the list of thematic priorities), and festival life, and etc., etc.

many of us loved the puppets from a few years back; these bits remain among the most popular. here are my 2 favorites from that year (n.b. as a Theater Manager, i always have a question at the ready in the case of what you see in the 2nd clip):

so but i'm looking forward to what they'll design for Sundance 2009.

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