Friday, October 17, 2008

testing (use "full screen" - it's a cell phone film)

metro from bonnie lenore kyburz on Vimeo.

a cell phone film i made in DC on New Years Day (thus, the post-apocalyptic feeling of no bodies). i've just joined vimeo and am working it out. i realize the need to enlarge the frame, so if you really want watch this now, i'd go full screen. i'll continue to use this little film to experiment with sizing things up in the frame. i'm still disappionted at my Kairos publication; it is so tiny! . . . hear Michel Gondry's "tiny", or better yet, watch (the real filmmaker):

(n.b., i love the grainy quality of cell phone films, so it's no accident that my film looks kind of dark and moody and slightly unfocused . . . well, not completely).

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