indie film "crisis"?

via Anne Thompson (Variety), Mark Gill's LA Film Festival address on the proliferation of filmmaking potential, market news, and a shared film-community sense that "The Sky is Falling." 

Read to the end for Gill's hopeful minimalist and pragmatic view of the potential we might salvage from "the carnage."


Chuck said…
Nice talking to you at MLA. I'll admit that I have some skepticism with regard to Gill's speech. As I mentioned there (or tried to mention--I may have run out of time), there are a number of indie companies who did well this year. I'm not that convinced that these narratives are connected to actual box office numbers, etc. But there is quite a bit of good stuff to mine here.
yeah, Gill makes a case, but i can't agree completely with his overgeneralization re: digital and radically indie films at Sundance. there *are* some clunkers, but there is a lot of really good stuff, too. and then, the festival does a tremendous service (well, in many cases) as a part of the process of getting after those "fewer, better" Gill lauds.
plus, relevant to questions regarding the "shared, communal cinematic experience" narrative, festival screenings create/become/simply *are* environments in which film enjoys a more luxurious kind of range and difference. festival screenings "tolerate" stuff that doesn't often find appreciation from mainstream filmgoing audiences. so, there's something to think about re: Web 2.0 filmmaking and distribution and whatnot. that is to say, festival screenings maybe operate as a kind of case study on expansive cinema (?).