" ... crippled in the use of myself ..."

C.R.A.P. design principles

complicating Polanski

being in facebook


dear facebook,

Micromedia, Design, and Teaching the Narrative Business

how many blogs?

@ emily's w/ matilda, fiona, & baby aoife

dear blog,

what happens between "hidden" and "plain english"?

dear shirtless, sweaty dudes using the interior campus hallways as your track,

just found a parking space ...


hipster interview

like a virgin

refreshivising (10 things)

w/ the fam ...


workspace images

things i was going to say ...

"i have to think these things up, you know"

in antwerp, central station ...

hello ...

status update: "socially awkward"

SF CCCC's 2009, v. bonnie & Mike

post-screening reflection

personal ads (?)

the hit counter

jason calacanis on empathy

The End of the Line (documentary)

dear administrators responsible for firings and budget cuts and all-around letdowns,

i'm lame on "causes," but ...

beyond words ...

project updates (you. can't. wait.) ...