new! Enculturation!!

i love this more than cookies ...

on choosing a typeface

exaggeratedly into this lately (again) ...

an interesting take on "silent" students ...

karim rashid in Objectified on "the archetype"

RSA Animate – 21st century enlightenment

on warhol & the "striking image"

on warhol & what i like

incepted (?)

my first documentary ...

more redesign ...

design & composition

to do ...

workout room redesign

RSA 2010

chicago, june 2010


image, matter, memory, and words ...

bergson's def of "image"

so this is great ...

before ... "after" (in progress, anyhow)

Deleuzian "out of the loopness" ??

How I Stopped Worrying The Book & Learned 2 Love Digital Filmmaking

the book. an update.

dear fischli and weiss,

We Live in Public (dir, Ondi Timoner)

sff 2010