Friday, August 13, 2010

on warhol & what i like

‎"Warhol was a master at suggesting meaning, without actually committing himself. He managed this in several ways: by choosing highly charged but indeterminate images (the dead superstar, the presidential widow, the suicide in midleap), by the many variations within a multiple portrait, which, though they invite interpretation, are in fact merely accidental and without meaning; and by the lack of clarity in the photo silk-screened image itself, a casually silk-screened print of a blown-up acetate of an eight-by-ten publicity glossy, itself a mechanically reprinted blowup of the contact sheet positive, itself a second-generation transfer from the original negative. As the critic David Antin put it, 'Somewhere in the image there is a proposition. It is unclear'" (Scherman & Dalton126-7).


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