Sunday, November 13, 2011

writing (in) contacts

Exigence for this post brought to you by my bi-annual attempt at wearing contact lenses. At first, I went to simply check my email. Then, I saw that only one loyal reader had stopped by kind of ... today, and then I realized how long it had been since I've written here. A-n-d ... to be honest, so much of my writing now happens in Final Cut Pro, Prezi, and other venues that enable multimodal texts to *resonate* rather than to *direct* or *impose* meaning that I am frankly uncomfy just now as i "write" ... so much so that i can't avoid wondering if this return to linear text-in-a-box-making isn't accompanied by the very discomfort that brand new writers (as in, grade school) experience when they first "learn" to produce linear text. Because, let's face it, up until then, they've likely been drawing on walls, sidewalks, in piles of cake frosting, on frosted mirrors, in the sand, ... and they've probably been "writing" with images, shapes, and gestures at expressing emotion, desire, exuberance, frustration, and so on. 

So but to keep on generating, I'll go with the lowest common denominator of writing exercises ... the "catching you up" list (it goes by other names too embarrassing to reproduce). So then, s
ince my trip to NYC for our panel at MobilityShifts, I have been trying to "restabilize" (as if), respond to student drafts and ongoing projects, and instigate new projects. Regarding the latter, these projects include: 
  1. Catching up with the E-Portfolios discussion as part of my work on the Gen Ed Committee on which I now serve. So far, I've generated a vast Prezi through which I am hoping to come to terms with the nature of the project, its history, scope, worries, and plans for evolution.
  2. Attempting to actually use Canvas to pilot a Canvas-embedded E-Portfolio in my current English 1010 class. This latter is mindfreakingly dull and a sort of timeslaking vortex of user unfriendliness (really? new input for each and every Learning Outcome, Outcome Grouping, and THEN a rubric?). No wonder faculty resist. Hopefully, though, my efforts will help us to tweak our system for user friendliness, but for now, I'm down in it.
  3. More inspirationally, my MoMLA installation for MLA 2012 ... the work continues, including a flurry of inspiration today ... flashes of heartshaking joy ... 
  4. Ongoing health tweaks (thyroid medication, "unmentionables," and, probably also in the category of "TMI," ; a new "toof" in the form of  incisor crown that is still pretty wonked out -- we refer to it as my "tusk" and are hoping my dentist will get me in this week to "refine" it. To tell the truth, who knew how traumatizing it could be to "lose" a near-front tooth? It is practically your FACE. no fun. On the bright side, my back therapy at the Wellness Center is keeping me sane and relatively unstricken w/ pain (can't quite say "pain free," but hey ...). Oh, and WINTER IS HERE ... which means one wicked cold/flu (so far), but also, ... fabulous coats and scarves and dramatic skies (all very good for my emotional health).
  5. Letters, grad school recommendations, more letters, travel requests, and so on.
So that's what I've got. I'm very excited about several projects, and I am grateful for my space, here, to keep me writing ... even "just" linear text, for it motivates me to get back to several lingering projects that long to rise (up above it).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

our workshop @ The New School!

I just finished a freakishly happymaking video "hang out" to discuss our workshop agenda ... WITH ... The Fabulous Virginia Kuhn, Elisa Kreisinger, Joyce Walker, Matthew Kim, and me!! Come on!

Join us @ The New School in NYC!!

Also, consult our "Hacking" page, where we'll be posting materials that may be especially useful for those of you who may be joining us. You can share media assets in advance (to have them ready to go in NYC)!! Discuss your projects ... ask us questions ... learn via (maybe contribute to) our "quick guides" ... WHAT ... i ask you ... is not to LOVE??!! ♥

Friday, July 29, 2011

improv & not thinking (too much)

i've been doing some work in preparation for an upcoming conference workshop. In it, we plan to generate a short film, after each of us as panelists has contributed something to the processes of production. For my part, i plan to share some improv exercises. i hope to extend the panel work so that it may become both an article and a chapter in my "book," so i was delighted to read Danah Boyd's recent post on how we overthink things perhaps in ways that are, simply, wrong (my word, not hers) or at least in ways that foreclose creative and generative potential.

i want to come back to Boyd's thoughts, add more on improv, and get writing. For now, i've got "campus issues" to attempt to resolve (trying to avoid overthinking them!!) and a class to teach. while you wait (surely, you wait!) for more, if you have some thoughts, references, or comments on the general direction of these thoughts, please post or write to me at

note: this is my niece, Fiona, on "backwards day," which seemed, to me, vaguely appropriate and cheerful, a mood i am dearly attempting to hang on to as i deal with said "campus issues" (see above).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

on typography

this graphic, which i posted a while back, is radically improved for readability.

use the text link, not the image, and enjoy!

stand up straight & let me get a look at you

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