Friday, June 29, 2012

summer teaching ...

All kinds of economic factors mean that i am teaching the Summer B Block class. This is a compressed semester of 7.5 weeks, my favorite way to teach Introduction to Writing. i have so many projects up in the air, but i am choosing to focus almost exclusively on my teaching, for now, because the past year has been so full of family drama, travel, conference presentations, publication preparation, more travel, teaching demos and research talks, and difficult decisions. i am not entirely sure that I've decided correctly, and i do have some regrets. But the shiny, joyful news is that i have met and worked with some truly remarkable people, i continue to learn, and i am hopeful about the upcoming year and what it may bring (in some respects, it's "rinse and repeat," and i do like the shiny new!).

i had been planning to begin shooting for my new documentary, NOMO, but i have put that on hold. i am focusing on the teaching (didn't i tell you?!), for now, so but my creative and improvisational energies are there (say! that reminds me ... that article on improv. maybe soon). the book? or webtext? or documentary? ... we are still confused, where to begin? i make slow progress; i wonder if it's going to happen without serious revisions to my teaching schedule, and this compels me to think about the upcoming "season," so i'll be done, tidy up the main console in this empty classroom (it's "Virtual Friday" of Week One. i'm here to see any students who haven't yet attended while my other students are designing their blogs at their homes or other workspaces). 

Fascinating, right? If you've read this far, you are a good listener, and frankly, i have been needing to do some sort of public writing that moves beyond the level of a tweet or status update. And but yes, i realize that this post doesn't go much farther, but at least it's framed up as a "blog post," and that means i've gotta be motivating myself for something bigger (cue Liza!).

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