Sunday, December 11, 2016

euphorically tweeting

Today, I begin writing about the euphoria of Twitter, the quick hit rush of blurting, the joy of sensing that I might be heard when my voice seems so small, especially in light of the emergence of this new political disaster.

Things I expect to find:
  1. Immediate references to the 2016 election and that one guy who can't stop endangering our country with his tweets.
  2. Lots more of #1.
  3. Warnings about "your brain on Twitter."
  4. Neurobiological analysis of how Twitter rewards (yum!) circulate within our limbic system.
And this should be interesting. I'm maybe more interested in:
  1. Theorizing the neural turn and how our renewed attentiveness to neurobiological systems and rhetoric help us to both understand, and maybs to alter our social media practices, especially 
  2. in Twitter. Because brevity. The ease of the "quick hit," the endorphin rush, the euphoria that feeds our feeds (clev/not clev, but this is part of it, the shift in our desire toward clever shortform articulation).
And then, the exigence for my writing about any of this:
  1. Exploring how Election 2016 has meant more tweeting for me. And not only more tweeting, ...
  2. ... but tweeting without shame, with far fewer retractions (i am a serial deleter because of some of the things i have written about -- and presented at the conference of the 2016 Rhetoric Society of America -- shaming in social media, especially for academic rhetoricians, who are "supposed to know better" (than to post THIS or THAT).

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