Monday, May 28, 2007

fauteuils d' orchestre

i was not surprised w/ a birthday dinner at The Paris Bistro (Log Haven was lovely), but we did see Paris last night in Fauteuils d' Orchestre (Avenue Montaigne . . . the translation doesn't exactly compute, it's more "orchestra seats"). the film was, while somewhat formulaic (which isn't always bad) completely enchanting, with all of the "right" Parisian references creating an ambience that charmed but didn't overwhelm w/ sweetness. the theme was mine: "i have always loved luxury, so i got a job at the Ritz. that way, i could be in it" and "i have always wanted to be an entertainer, but i have no talent, so i work w/ entertainers to be close to them" (i am not quoting exactly, but you get the idea). Claudie (Dani ) broke my heart. Catherine Versen (Valérie Lemercier) destroyed me w/ her longing to play Simone de Beauvoir as opposed to continuing on her successful soap (my colleague, Shannon Mussett, at Utah Valley University, wrote this wikipedia entry). I have never seen Albert Dupontel more sublimely disarming. if you don't like films that celebrate love, confusion, longing, enchantment, and Paris, you will not like this film. fortunately for me, i like those films, so this was a treat.

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