Sunday, May 6, 2007

remotivating constraints . . .

so it's been enchanting to rethink my constraints, but i'm spending entirely too much time here. i'll be making shorter posts so that i can get in my work out (i have been monstrously lazy lately, and this isn't helping) and get to filming and writing (yes, but so of course this is writing, but i've got to do the book(s)). i have a plan. wish me luck.

on luck, i need more. i have a commerical audition tomorrow. and no, i did not begin my studies in acting so that i could do commericals, but if you don't go out on these auditions (and land a few), your agency isn't happy. they need to know that you can make $ for them. it's all pretty hideous, but i'm doing it for the love (audible sighs noted). this is an odd thing to say. i have been thinking lately that to be an actor you have to pretty much hate yourself. ca va.

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