Sunday, May 13, 2007

wong kar-wei

Wong Kar-Wei's first English speaking film, My Blueberry Nights, is set to open Cannes. how i wish i could be there, even as a lowly volunteer (maybe next year).

the poster looks fabulous, for what that's worth (to me, a lot).

i'm also very excited about Julian Schnabel's film, Le Scaphandre et le Papillon, based upon Jean-Dominique Bauby's 1997 memoire, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (next time your students complain, or you complain about writing, dive into this book; it will destroy any rationale you were imagining). Schnabel's film screens at Cannes, and according to the trailer, it should be out May 23rd. also imagining good work from Hsiao-hsien Hou, director of Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon), which stars Juliette Binoche (not sure about the blonde look but she can do practically no wrong). here's the trailer (warning: you will fall madly in love w/ this track and spend the next hour searching for info on it):

oh, and, generally, regarding Cannes, because i'm shallow, i can't wait to see what eveyone's wearing. can. not. wait.

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