Tuesday, June 26, 2007

celebrity encounters

went yesterday for a Sundance 2008 venue-specific planning meeting. the filmmaker labs are winding down, so there were some interesting people around. we've chatted w/ Walter Mosley often because he's an advisor to the emerging filmmakers, around at the festival, and is simply a nice guy. when i saw him yesterday, he told me about a book about to come out, one coming out, and the one he is currently writing. i said, "i can't write my book," which was funny because the book that just came out is called This is the Year You Will Write Your Novel. and though i wasn't talking about a novel, we proceeded. he told me EVERYTHING i know to be true, that i can do it, that i need to write more every day, that (just maybe) spending so much time on this web space is a tad counterproductive (duh) to my goal of completing the book. i'm not entirely sure i agree, but there is certainly, for me, truth in what he says. so, a good, solid kick. we'll see.

then, all through our meeting, in the corner on the phone was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko, from Lost), who has been workshopping his film in the Labs. His film is "'Farming,' [. . .] a British/Nigerian production described by Sundance's press office thusly: 'Abandoned by his parents, a young African boy desperately searches for love and belonging within a brutal skinhead subculture where violence becomes his only companion.'" (Sean Means, The Salt Lake Tribune, June 26, 2007). our eyes met once, and i gave him that little nod that says "i know who you are but don't want to be a freak about it" and he nodded politely back. i hope his film does well.

here is some fun interview chat from Adewale (from gspn): What have you got planned for after Lost? "I’m making my directorial debut at the beginning of next year. I’ve just come back from Sundance where I met Robert Redford and Michelle Satter, and they’re backing my film. It’s going to be a black British feature film called Farming, based on my upbringing. I’ll be setting up the shoot for next year and it’ll be out sometime in 2008. There are a few other roles being talked about - big films, which is exciting. I’d really like to play myself as an Englishman. I’d also like a really big, fat, juicy lead character, whether it’s in an action film or a thriller. I’d like to get a big kahuna role now, you know what I mean? I’m ready for it."

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