Tuesday, June 19, 2007

miserables, yes. . .

. . . no not the show (see previous entry), but, well, some weird allergies kicked in just before curtain, and i kept feeling as though my throat was closing shut. . . . panicky. stomach freaking out . . . breathing strained . . . i had to leave for about an hour. BUt . . . got some medication at intermission and enjoyed the second half (i can feel your relief).

just watched Wong Kar Wai 's 2046 on cable. wow. i had missed it in theaters, and despite last summer's catch up weekend w/ Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love, we had missed out, fell behind. except . . . not so much behind because of the resonsance of IMFL. still, a masterpiece. the close shots, sexy angles, color, lighting, music, the slow motion sequences that almost define the film. lovely. love WKW

now, i'm going to shoot some scenes in my master bathroom. all inspired.


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