Thursday, June 14, 2007

stop motion

it's probably a bad thing that i've been toying around w/ something like stop motion animation . . . it can throw some pretty trippy effects that look like, well, effects-for-effects'-sake (which i loathe but am beginning to see the seduction of). but it's interesting to see how effects create alternate realities, manipulated or constructed realities, so i'm thinking that this is not only valuable for me as a creative tool but that it could be an interesting practice for the classroom: create a stop motion animation scheme that reflects motion of a kind you imagine but have not witnessed (but for your mind's eye). i'm toying with an image (above) of Dalí's "The Little Theater" (1934) superimposed upon a scene of an empty public newspaper box. w/ stop motion animation (it takes forever, and mine is jumpy, but i sort of like it like that, a little bit crude) "liberate" it from the container only to then capture it inside a quivering silver frame (using stop motion to "shake" a frame from an earlier image, of wall-hung installation, that appears in the film). while i am mostly "finding" this sequence by toying around, if pressed to "make sense" of it, i suppose i could say that i am hoping w/ this tiny sequence to say something about our desires for liberating concepts from contexts (excavating "art" from the everyday) despite our recognition of the reality and potential value of those contexts in terms of how they expose and venerate an image/concept/text. it's all so precious . . .

image: MoMA

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