Monday, July 2, 2007


my horoscope for JULY 02, 2007: Something's gotten into you today, bonnie. An iconoclastic imp inside you is determined to tear down every convention still existing, especially those in the art world. Why are you so furious with orthodoxy? Did you dream that an imitator stole one of your ideas and made a fortune with it? If you were an art critic, we could expect you to sing the praises of the vanguard today...

. . . which is funny given what i think i want to be doing. and i'm reminded of conventions i appreciate and how certain moves to create new sorts of objects i/we appreciate have been assimiliated into the archives and become something we know or love or think and talk about together (the things and the moves). or, in my case, things i imitate out of my romantic need to pay homage (and thereby, at least in part, feel as though i participate in its vibratory orbit of coolness).

in first grade (i entered one year earlier than other kids. big mistake), my first report home was that i would not "color within the lines." come on, that's funny, and it's why this image (above) keeps reappearing here; it keeps feeling relevant and funny in its functionalism (because this scrap is probably viewed in the MoMA -- albeit on the bathroom floor -- thousands of times/day, but maybe just not so).

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