Sunday, July 29, 2007


you know that if you're seeing this showerhead again (my dream hardware), i'm feeling shiny about something. today, it's that i have only 4 more days on medication and then (fingers crossed), hopefully, this h. pylori bacteria will be washed clean from my body. i'm very, very hopeful. i'm one kidney surgery (scheduled from August 8th, between semesters) away from being almost brand new (i must allow myself . . . must inhabit this language, these images).

recently i watched Serenity (had enjoyed many of the Firefly episodes) and learned that the term "shiny" is not my own unique move. i guess i knew that, but i'd never seen it normalized within a paritcular discourse as it was in Serenity. ironically, i recognized it when (Adam Baldwin as) Jayne (a fairly macho character, if only bunglingly so) speaks of weapons; i'm not happy about that, but there it is. i may have heard super-hunk Nathon Fillion (the ship's captain, "Mal") say it and wish the association could be more easily located there (some of you will know what i mean). here is a pretty nice fan site.

more importantly for readers here, the "shiny" of which i speak is about my attempt to tidy up by categorizing my links. it's interesting to see how they measure up; clearly, i spend a lot of my time thinking about or pursuing work in film (via the sheer volume of the "film" links emerges the "clearly").


Mike @ Vitia said...

I loved the series -- first saw it on a hotel television at the UNH conference a while back and was instantly hooked -- to the point where I've got the Firefly boxed set and the movie on DVD. Whedon's interspersing of alt-slang with occasional iambic pentameter and elevated diction is goram wonderful.

Best wishes / good thoughts for the surgery. That's got to be scary.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

goram, mike! i'll be shiny in no time 'cause "i aim to misbehave!"

we are still catching up by borrowing the Firefly dvds from a friend's collection ;)

thanks for writing.

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