Sunday, August 5, 2007


yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my wedding (the 13th is the 18th anniversary that marks our relationship). we went to Inn on the Creek, which was lovely, and after dinner, walking around, a beautiful, vibrant deer came very near to us for a brief moment. i love to see deer. like magical confirmation of something good. so, very nice for the anniversary date.

i'll be embracing rather than apologizing for my romanticism from now on. i'll make a shirt: "romantic" (front) "deal with it" (back). i've spent maybe a bit too much time at The Write Snark, i guess. one shirt there says "is it wrong to like the fact that my research books scare people?" clever that. rhetorical question. i'm seriously considering buying it, as motivation.

writing that scares me in earnest? as in, cartoon-scared-that-borders-on-wtf? Stephen King's Christine (when i read it in the early 80's, i would put the book outside my room at night, because, clearly, inanimate objects carrying the tiniest whiff of King's ideas were poised to haunt or otherwise "get me" in the night). really scary? mainstream news, our college's student newspaper. a recent edition featured a list of "10 Things America Doesn't need Right Now." it listed "Democrats" (massive sigh). truly embarrassing, #1 was "A President Whose Name Rhymes w/ 'Osama'" . . . now there's some sophisticated logic (and political saavy). i realize that we are not unique in this, that bad student newspapers with ill-conceived ideas are published in the name of "we have the right to our opinion" (yes, but what about the weakness of your position, your "argument"??) elsewhere and often. but oh, this is really quite awful.

oh no. i need to head back to the creek . . . to the deer . . . to my magic moment . . .


chris said...

happy anniversary!

and you're treatment is over, too. a day full of things to celebrate!

congrats and enjoy!

(and i'll know to be aware of The Romantic from now on :)

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

yes. much celebrating. and champagne! and a delicious pinot noir. and deer! and i'm finally AWAKE, for the love of god!

a friend in grad school told me that i shouldn't lose touch w/ my romanticism, that it was what made her like me. it doesn't enchant everyone; it's not always popular, but it's what i'm about.

thanks for writing (and, as always, for your encouraging words).

chris said...

being a romantic is not always popular? what? i thought everybody wished they could live their (romantic) lives like a romantic comedy.

it (almost) never hurts to have positive things flow from mouth/fingers... too much, though, can be a bad thing, and if the thoughts/words be not genuine, then it deflates the value of the symbol of support. or so i think, anyway. which is why - especially in relationships - i try not to over-compliment or over-display too many feelings/emotions (which i'm sure i probably should have explained to more than one ex!). in other words, i think i would be a romantic, if i 1) knew what one was and/or 2) didn't suck at it!

j/k :)

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