Saturday, August 25, 2007

help interpret these dreams? . . .

so the universe is trying to tell me something. i'm sorry. i'm not cool enough to think that very strong-seeming coincidences are simple coincidences.

i was taking a Serious Afternoon Nap and had many vivid dreams, among them, one about Amy (my sister) and i trapped in a room (by some Bad Guys) with a VERY giant black panther or sabre tooth tiger-type thing (i say STT because it was so massive that it couldn't have been a "real" panther). it jumped and gnarled about, intending clearly to eat or at least kill us, for quite some time. i got pretty good at evading it . . . used the door to fend it off, . . . there were some bunk beds, so there was jumping about from one level to the next (hmmmmmmmm), and eventually, i got away (Amy had already gotten away, somehow -- i hadn't seen it -- before me). there were dreams about my secret passageways through New York City (like, moving between levels of the street as if they were not there, magic flight-like leaping . . .), and i dreamed that Mike and i attended a concert we thought might be good but was instead some horrible Western singer. a storm was brewing outside, but we left anyhow. and i called a LOT of attention to our leaving as i flung over my shoulders my full-length white leopard cloak (wha? oh wait. my dream. no questions). finally, iwas in a film doing a scene together with the fabulous Margo Martindale, and we were heading off to the Met in our finery, and it was snowing, and the shot was supposed to hang on MM and i as we wandered toward the venue, but i did something, some little, unscripted thing (said something? laughed? skipped? . . . i can't remember), and i thought that maybe Margo would call to end the scene and want to do it again, or the director would "cut!" . . . but instead, Margo let out a tinylittlelaugh and kept on walking in her fabulous ball gown toward the Met.

save for sharing a scene with Margo Martindale (which would be beyond divine), i woke feeling thankful to have woken when i did. the dreams of the earlier variety (doomed to be eaten by a monstrous beast, making a scene where you are unwanted . . . ) are exhausting.

so i go outside to get the mail, see that it's STUFFED full because of my Extra Large Fall Issue of Vogue Magazine (long time subscriber), and one of the very first pages features an image of a long-haired blonde, Veronica Lake'ish, and she's decked out in some serious lux-wear, extra serious leather bag (extra large, too, just like i like them . . . i've developed a bit of a handbag fetish since i bought my first expensive handbag about 3 years ago -- let me warn you should you fancy yourself ready for that leap: you. can't. go. back). so but this luxurious woman is sitting quietly, pouting downward at the floor, seemingly unaware of the Giant Black Panther hunched over her, poised to EAT HER WHOLE. i mean, like, on page 3 . . . right after that dream . . .

so, your challenge is to answer the following question : what is the universe trying to tell me (about this or any of the other dream-bits i've shared)????

be as creative and nonsensical as you like, but the one requirement is that you respond freely and don't edit yourself; say -- with abadon -- what comes first to mind.

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