Wednesday, September 12, 2007


so yes, we're in. but i feel as though my head will soon explode. the news. so sad. you see, i have a lovely panel with Geoff Sirc and Rylish Moeller.

we're talking "composing virtual desire."

and of course so but we're all very happy but so the thing is: our panel has been placed in the last slot on the last day of the conference. i hope some of you will be around (?).

again: we're all very happy to have been included and there were of course thousands of entries and so we are of course very, very lucky to be sure, but come on, DESIRE gets last? this has got to be meaningful. and if so--because it is so--well, merde!

how can you/they/we put DESIRE last? it's too sad.


chris said...

i feel your pain.

last year i had the exact same slot.


don't worry, though. if i get word that my proposal has been accepted, i'll be sure to put it in my budget for funds to stay till Sunday!

oh, and btw, CONGRATS!! i've always taken proposal acceptance for granted. looks like i'm going to experience rejection for the first time. well, first time from Cs anyway...

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

i know. we're very happy to be accepted. i've just never had that slot. i thought i'd turn it into some intellectual curiosity; i mean . . . i think desire is/should be/can be very, VERY interesting, so i'm just thrown.

of course, EVERYONE surely believes that their project is the most fascinating, so i realize i'm being self-indulgent and a little childish. but hey, it's my blog :)

i hope you hear some good news soon. and even if you don't have your proposal accepted, i hope you attend; C's is great. i'd love to see you there ;)

bdegenaro said...

I'll try to stick around until the last day. Sounds like exciting stuff. And a great panel, too. Rylish and I went to grad school guy.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

Bill! my HERO! thanks :)

k8 said...

Congrats! The panel sounds awesome!! I haven't made travel arrangements yet, but this is definitely motivation for sticking around 'til the end.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

how nice, K8!

who are you?; the nicknames kill me sometimes, but i respsect your right to use it and remain anonymous; still, it's nice to know who's saying good things :)

i hope to see you in April!

k8 said...

I'm really not all that anonymous. Google my name and the blog is one of the first things that come up. It's Katy or Kate (I've always been called both) Southern. I'm at PhD candidate at UW-Madison in comp/rhet. I study literacy history, rhetoric about literacy, library history, and children's & YA lit. (I have an MLS, which probably explains some of those interests)

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