just when you think . . .

. . . that people maybe kind of like and respect you and are willing to help you out of a tough situation . . .

you get a back channel message that looks something like this:

"Could you kindly stop using the WPA listserv as your private whining and paranoia message service? Your flurry of messages today and similar ones in the past have brought me to the point where it's just about time to create a filter just for your address. While I try to avoid that, and have created such a filter only once previously for participants on this list, I'm really, really tired of your whines and overreactions to various situations. So how about, at the least, cutting down on the posts, or, if you need to keep up this sort of messaging, use a blog or private listserv."

voilĂ .


Anonymous said…
F them.

That's rude and pretty pointless.

-jenny e. r.

(I can't remember my Blogger address, which is why I'm anonymous.)
i have to laugh. i mean, i know i can be talk-y, but i was asking about serious WPA stuff (well, and then research protocol bitching, i guess). still . . .

thanks for writing, j!
Mike G said…
Well, you saw CJ's email about the similar email she received, right? Obviously, someone's going around taking potshots. Not at all representative of the opinion of WPA-L, surely.

Never mind the rudeness... I'm still trying to figure out what the complaint even is.
i didn't see CJ's email. i'm actually glad to know i'm not alone!

thanks for writing, Mike ;)
oh, now i see (CJ's situation). *that* is seriously messed up.
CeeJ said…
Oh, what these nice folks said! The guy's a prick. We're supposed to use the WPA-L for our problems, concerns, conundrums, dilemmas, and just plain observations about Life in Our Profession.

As for me... crap. Someone in the Dept. of Higher Education used my "insane caffeinated squirrels" post about curriculum alignment to take offense. If a pansy little no one like me has made a powerful state official "unhappy," that official probably just needs a bunch of daisies or a mocha frappucino to cheer 'em up!
billie said…
Damn, Bonnie. What a prick this person is. Really. I'm sorry you had to endure that.
thanks CJ, and Billie.

it's sad. the whole thing.
what feels worse for me is that i had thought i was being judicious about how i was using the list. i didn't think that what i was asking about (one, a professional curiosity i had not encountered about the "researcher" problem, and, two, a true-blue WPA problem).

whatever. it's all so ridiculous.

i actually think a local made up a name and got a yahoo account just so he could say to me what he was thinking w/out outing himself. but i'm paranoid like that. ha!
John said…
I won't comment on whether or not it's a local, but from what you've told me, I'm guessing it is a made-up name. But whatever the context, if they can't take responsibility for being jerk, they're not worth paying attention to.
john, totally. as you might see from my most recent posts, i'm turning my energies elsewhere ;)