Tuesday, October 9, 2007

new feature: i have a secret dream . . .

i'm launching a new feature here. i want to share my dreams. not dreams as in those things i see in my head when i sleep, but, more, "secret" or otherwise "silly" or "impossible" dreams, desires.

. . . sort of like twitter posts, just updates on the status of my dreams/desires.

for some reason, i have this idea that marking my desires will be somehow useful, productive, and meaningful. but there's one key rule: posts must fall under the header "i have a secret dream . . . " and the post itself must be a fairly simply statement, no analyses. "simple" can also include an associative image, but again, no analyses. no explication, not even one single attempt (well, if you're moved to analyze in repsonse, that's fine, but i will be bound to simply making the statement). i can live with these rules.

feel free to post your own secret dreams in response, should you register something that conjures in you a desire to respond. or just laugh at my sillylittledreams. i don't know. it could be fun.

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