Sunday, October 14, 2007

shows i follow (w/ notes) . . .

i've seen other people wondering what other people are watching. i'm watching (not ranked) :

1.) Heroes (although so far, season 2 is a none-too-engaging repackaging of season 1; i'm losing patience).

2.) 30 Rock (come on!).

3.) Dirty Sexy Money (Peter Krause is unspeakably good, although why is it that in every show, film or appearance, it must be made known that he is a jogger? the guy makes sure that writers write in a scene in which he jogs. what's that??).

4.) Lost (when it's on. the reveal of last season made it good all over again).

5.) Pushing Daisies (okay. this is kind of too precious. but Lee Pace, who was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s in Soldier's Girl -- the true story of an army guy who falls for a transsexual and the horrific "consequences" of said falling -- is delightful to watch. there are some cutesy moments. too cute. wanabe-Wes-Anderson-cute-but-it's-TV-cute, but it's kind of fun).

6.) Entourage (goofy L.A. fun; Jeremy Piven in the role he was born to play. i'm a little worried about Johnny Drama; he's veering into latter-day-Seinfeld-Costanza stupidity).

7.) The Daily Show (still trumps Colbert).

8.) The Colbert Report (i laugh at that eagle every single time).

9.) The Girls Next Door (horrible guilty pleasure; i'm sort of amazed at how much Bridget lllllluuuuvs all things Playboy. it's actually kind of sweet. at least she knows what she wants and owns it. and yes, i "borrowed" from Clancy, here, but it's true; i watch it. something happened in my 43rd year -last year- i decided that it was time to own my desire to be blonde and wear pink, however silly, overdetermined, etc. there are limits, but not as many as there have been in seriousblackwearingtimes).

10.) The Soup. liked it w/ Kinnear. love it w/ McHale. G.K. side note: when The Matador played at our theater at Sundance, both Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear showed up for the intro and the Q & A. Brosnan was gregarious and fun and silly, signing *every* autograph requested of him, snapping photos w/ fans . . . his entourage had to pull him away so that they could make their dinner reservation at The Tree Room -- the fancypants and fabulous Sundance restaurant. Kinnear, on the other hand -- a guy i'd expected to be h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s and approachable and delightful as the persona he played for years on Talk Soup??? not so much. no, in fact, when the entourage left the stage, i was escorting them out -- part of my job is to intro the entourage and help them navigate the venue -- and approached Kinnear to sort of give a mini-hug/air kiss -type thing, which is what we do to flatter and generally show appreciation for the good work (and he was very good in the role). he recoiled like a frightened celebrity facing his Number 1 Fan. it was soooooo unpleasant. that's the part of the job i don't like; When Celebrities Act As Though You Are A Crazy Person, or some foul substance from which they feel they must keep some serious distance. i had a similar experience at Sundance one year with K.L. so now we refer to it as The K.L. Syndrome (actually, we say her full name, but this is a public writing space, and she is very important, and i'm sure it was just a moment, and i get it. the fame thing and the fear. but still. oh, and her husband is VERY powerful. so. K.L. that's all). so back to The Matador screening incident (the birth of the G.K. Syndrome): the next day, i was down at the deli getting some lunch during a screening, and in walked Brosnan in his ski gear (he'd clearly been out on an early run), and as we passed in the hall, he gave a winning smile and said "thanks again for last night!" . . . James Bond . . . "thanks again for last night" :)

11.) Monk. love it. usually watch w/ mudslides. it's a ritual thing.

12.) Psych. love that too. goofy fun. great chemistry between the 2 leads.

13.) Project Runway. "you're either in. or you're out." it's really that simple. v-e-r-y simple (CHLOE??)

14.) My Life on the D-List. i love Kathy Griffin more and more each time i watch her. she's simply fabulous.

there's more. too much more . . .


Vegor said...

Hey Bonnie! Errin and I have an entire blog dedicated to the all the shows we watch. You will have to check it out:

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

cool. i'll check it out tomorrow. i can't look at another screen today!

well, unless it's t.v. ;)

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

cool. i'll check it out tomorrow. i can't look at another screen today!

well, unless it's t.v. ;)

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