Thursday, October 18, 2007

too much celebrity

had to edit. can't say mean things about Ellen.

but this? this. has. got. to. stop.


dhawhee said...

I'm totally with you (though I didn't see the now-removed post)

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

i had said more than needed to be said. and i do like Ellen, so, having earlier said maybe too much about it, i felt badly, as though i were slamming her when she does seem to care deeply abou the matter and is having a moment, etc., etc.

but this is ridiculous, and she was, simply, wrong. i mean, if you want to do something good for animals, how about *supporting* placement agencies because of the ways in which they screen homes to help animals avoid being placed in abusive or otherwise unhealthy environments. so, i get it, Ellen, your talking about *your* hairdresser, so what could possibly go wrong? but, that's just too much; celebrity hairdressers are above and beyond the rest of us by simple virtue of being associated w/ celebrity? it's just silly and presumptuous nad counterproductive.

nice attempt at silencing myself? here, undone ;)

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