Wednesday, November 28, 2007

. . . but it bears repeating . . .

"take joy in your digressions. because that is where the unexpected arises . . . if you know where you will end up when you begin, nothing has happened in the meantime. you have to be willing to surprise yourself writing things you didn't think you thought. letting examples burgeon requires using inattention as a writing tool.* you have to let yourself get so caught up in the flow of your writing that it ceases at moments to be recognizable to you as your own. this means you have to be prepared for failure, for with inattention comes risk: of silliness or even outbreaks of stupidity. but perhaps in order to write experimentally, you have to be writing to 'affirm' even your own stupidity. embracing one's own stupidity is not the prevailing academic posture..." --brian massumi [sic]**

come on!

via Bill DeGenaro (thanks, Bill).

* outstanding. and beyond it's essential brilliance, i think here about our colleagues who think us provincial and weak because we watch t.v.; from now on, i'm referring to it as a strategy, a "writing tool."

**why do i hate capital letters?

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