Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"grimm" sizing details

straight from the Brothers Grimm Ashputtle (Cinderella with the gore, the bloodied stepsisters' feet), a fit recommendation for the "luna rosa" boot (pictured first in the previous post) (via nordstrom.com):

"Fit: If boot is difficult to slip on initially, place a plastic bag over your sock for easier entry. Tear away the bag once the boot is on your foot."


so beyond being a little shocked, i'm trying to imagine this. when you "tear away the bag," does it all come out? what if a little bit of plastic remains? too bad? does it mock and torture you? (i'm guessing, "yes"). and, well, if it's so hard to get the foot in, how about getting it out? i'm just saying.


Kafkaz said...

So, I'm thinking to my busy self, "Busy self, you haven't blogged surfed in days and days, why not see what BLK is up to?" So then I visit, and I find boots! :-)

Too funny, the plastic bag thing, because it reminds me of what we used to do when we were kids. The old farm lady who raised me (and from whom our daughter gets her middle name) used to save the plastic sleeves that loves of bread come in. She would, in winter, have us slip our feet into these, and then into our boots. She said that would keep our feet cozy and dry, and because she said so, and because she knew everything, and because she was spun of love, we did that, and our feet were, indeed, very toasty. (Probably, they even smelled vaguely of warm bread!)

In the world before kids (WBK), I used to shop for myself. I'm sure I did. Yes. And I had oodles of boots. If I were going to buy a new pair now, I'd go for something high heeled, black, and very sleek--something that said "sexy as hell," but didn't scream "trying to be young." So, I think this means that these theoretical black boots should have to be pricey.

The plastic bag thing--good memories and all--says "snow boots for playing outside in" to me. When and if I buy a nice new pair of boots, I am *certainly* not going to let them anywhere near snow. And I'm not doing the bread bag thing anymore, either!

Kafkaz (practicing her "these boots are made for walking" strut, baglessly)

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

that bread bag scene is hilarious (and touching)!

i did not end up w/ the luna rosa boot, although it *is* sexy as hell. i'm trying a boot from sofft. we'll see ;)

thanks for writing (sorry on the wait for my reply!)

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