catching up . . .

i've not been ignoring you. i've been so busy w/ grading and preparing for NCTE that i have not been writing here. i know. tragic. too tragic.

i think this will make it the 7th conference presentation at which i've screened a film. i like it, but the stakes feel somewhat dangerously high, so i get awfully nervous/sick. i'm hoping to avoid that this time. i like the film, and i like the postcard* i made to distribute, and i know what i did, so i can talk about it with relative ease.

Mike is joining me. we'd planned to spend some more time in NYC seeing shows (we are goofy musical theater lovers). wouldn't you know that the stagehand's strike would go into full effect the week of our planned trip. anyhow, we're planning to see at least one non-union show, Xanadu (you heard me).

* here is some grainy (really grainy) video i just shot of my promo material (aka, a postcard).

and the back . . .


bdegenaro said…
knock 'em dead. glad to hear folks (a few anyway) are pushing at the boundaries of what goes on at conference presentations.
thanks, Bill. i wish there had been more attending our session, but it was cool ;)