Wednesday, January 9, 2008

no wicked manneqins (sundance 2008)

as you'll read in my upcoming PRE/TEXT piece, last year my festival housing was in a magical . . . interesting . . . creepy cabin (i'll spare using the name so as not to put off future rentals, and, to be fair, the manager was quite nice). we wrote in our Theater Manager's Report that we didn't think the institute/festival should use the space any longer because of the 1.) scary player pianos -- 2 of them, 2.) beercan airplane collection, 3.) sleighbell collection (#'s 1 and 3 clearly willing and able to play Scott Joplin and jangle of their own accord), 4.) questionably appropriate vintage ads, and 5.) life-sized-suspended-in-a-vintage-full-sized-sleigh female mannequin (wearing uncle sam tophat and red bespangled bra and panties -- the latter covered by a quilt, for reasons you'll discover if you read the PRE/TEXT piece. shameless i am). in a summer meeting with upper-tier institute members, we talked about the report, and thus about the cabin, and we understood that we were indeed heard. still our venue's projectionist has just emailed me to say that he has been assigned the cabin. so, while they didn't want to bother mike and i with it, they aren't giving it up. which is sort of sad . . .

. . . but. um. yay!

to be fair, it is in many ways a lovely cabin. it's just that it's so overfull of freakish memorabilia that is loses its potential. and, well, it did have an amazing array of channels to choose from (dish), and i watched a lot of cool movies after my shifts at night, trying to avoid the glare of the mannequin and her sure-to-happen-any-minute self-animating puppet-dance.


Ronald P said...

Yikes! I made the mistake of looking at the full picture of the mannequin - freakish indeed. Now I'm going to have nightmares.

As for the other image, all I (and anyone else I've mentioned this to) can wonder is, does Redford know that's there?

bonnie lenore kyburz said...
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bonnie lenore kyburz said...

okay: i've had to edit this. i am not *that* brave.

about Bob knowing . . . see, the guy who owns the cabin bought that land before Redford bought and developed the resort, so the cabin has nothing to do w/ Bob (sort of; i mean, Sundance is housing it's Theater Managers there, so there's that).

Sundance used to house us in a Sundance Resort property, but ever since 2-3 years ago, when they created these Film Festival package deals, the resort figures they need every room in order to squeeze out all that package money. ironically, there would be no package w/out the volunteers --administration sees volunteering as an honor and has actually admonished us to "think twice before complaining" (something to that effect) about housing, suggesting that we could get the boot for it. jesus.

so Sundance, who pays for the housing decided to lease from the cabin guy (i'ts available and it's cheaper).

a devilish part of me *hopes* that Bob catches wind of my blog and sees that image. he should know because he would not approve. he is a very decent human being.

in my '07 Theater Manager's report, i suggested that Sundance dissociate itself from the cabin -- w/ it's racist and sexist tchotschke, but i'm pretty sure they plan to put us there this year, despite my complaint. ihave a tiny sliver of hope that we are housed elsewhere, but it's a *very, very* tiny sliver.

thanks for writing, Ron.

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