Monday, January 14, 2008

Park City, UT . . . 15 °F

Park City, UT

15 °F
Mostly Cloudy

Feels Like: 3°F
Humidity: 69%
Wind: SW at 10 mph
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tomorrow we go to Park City for our annual Theater Manager's (TMs) training. despite having worked the festival for many years, we still need to talk together about changes, upcoming events of concern (there was a lot of worry last year about demonstrations and riots and whatnot re: the (Dakota Fanning "rape movie"), and so on. plus, it's nice to see other TMs -- many of us started out volunteering together. we get caught up, drink coffee and eat bagels (or low carb bars or whatever) and laugh and freak out. plus, plus . . . this is (very likely) the only Park City trip Mike and i will take during the festival. we work all 4 of our the Sundance Screening Room screenings -- a 12 hour day, and that leaves little time and/or energy for heading 40 miles up the canyons into the "real" festival. but we like our quiet ambiance. and i'm p-r-i-t-t-y sure i could not manage a Park City theater during the Sundance Film Festival. no thank you. Mike and i are the only TMs who do all shifts; others work in teams, so that you might work 2 screenings and then head off to see films, go to parties, and join the insanity. once, Mike got up very early and headed to PC to watch Some Kind of Monster. so he did that. got up and made it to PC. since i've been managing at our venue, i've stayed put.

oh, and when we go tomorrow to PC, it's our official "check in," so we get our room assignment (fingers crossed. no cabin. River Run . . . remember . . . River Run . . . ) and our SWAG. for TMs, usually a be-logoed -- everything is be-logoed -- travel coffee mug. one year, our coffee mugs came with clips sort of built in to the handle, so you could hang it from your beltloop. now that's anticipating some serious consumption, which the festival usually requires. we also get a coat and vest designed and donated to the festival by Kenneth Cole -- see my comments about last year's ensemble in PRE/TEXT -- yes, i'm plugging that again. let's see. we get a little winter beanie-type cap. we used to get baseball caps, virtually useless in this freezing cold, but one year, it was cool to see a character on The Sopranos wearing that same cap. ha. oh, we maybe get a scarf, a bag to hold all the stuff in, and sometimes a nice computer/side-sling-type bag, to be worn, naturally, bandeleer style.

look for my post tomorrow on our housing situation. i know. you. cannot. wait.

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