Thursday, January 31, 2008

sundance 2008 celeb report

while i was working at our venue, i heard that Bono, The Edge, and Bob (Robert Redford) were having drinks and dinner just down the path. one of our crew members saw them and didn't even recognize them (she'd overheard someone saying, "hey, it's . . . " . . .). argh. yes, it's not cool to give it a thought, but it is cool to be near that much celebrity power (especially given Bono's turn and Reford's ethos re: goodness and giving and worrying global affairs).

and on day one, the Director's Lunch was taking place. all festival directors are invited. Tarantino was there, just across the lake, w/ the Coen brothers, Guillermo del Toro, . . . all that creative energy in one place. i could feel it. and it was wonderful.

i was working, "serving" (this is my my way of enobling the work so i don't become bitter and envious and horrible).

note: my mother always called me "poor Joan" (highlighting my martyrdom as silly and self-indulgent. ha).

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