Friday, February 15, 2008

"i wanna forget how convention fits . . .

but can i get out from under it?
can i cut it out of me? . . ."*

i don't do "what's playing on my ipod" (WPMP) because, um, i don't have an ipod (hint), and even if i did, i'd probably have a lot of learning to do, still. i'm thinking it's like David Foster Wallace's prescient conceptualization of Interlace Video in Infinite Jest. whatever. i don't do WPMP not because i'm an ipod snob or anything. certainly not. and you must comprehend my apprehension in sharing my ipod-deficiency, so please don't take my reluctance to share my WPMP list as crude or terse.

so but i can share this video; i'm big into this song, "the underdog" by Spoon, the cd of which i did not get for valentine's day (hint). the nifty licks, the supercool set design, the clever and oh-so-timely-and-appropriate (for me) lyrics . . . i'm surely waaayyy behind in learning to dig this song, but life is hard, . . . blah . . . so but enjoy . . .

* the lyrics as i hear them. online lyrics sites have it as "i wanna forget how conviction fits/but can i get out from under it/can i gut it out of me? . . . " but i like how i hear it anyhow. someday, i'll tell you about how i once listened to the 45 of Jethro Tull's "Bungle in the Jungle" about 4 million times with my friend/neighbor Ronnie Meyers, who transcribed as i tried to piece together the lyrics. or, well, i've told you, sans much detail, but there you go.

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