Friday, March 7, 2008

just couture

did anyone doubt that Christian Siriano would win Project Runway? and whose noiresque lip-quivering vulnerability made us love him more and more?

i mean, ew -- the show's producers manipulated footage in order to cause us to doubt, to imagine Rami the winner. and, oh Lord, another draped gown . . . day-dress or formal . . . all Grecian Goddess-countryclublunches mode. whatever. i mean, they take him to The Met and . . . *again* . . . against every gift basket of advice he's recieved, he chooses Aphrodite as his muse? "inspiration" or confirmation of his existing aesthetic (when, um, we got it)? there was no other form of inspiration? it seemed a p-r-i-t-t-y lazy choice.

so but. Christian, forget Posh Spice (too easy. too obvious). make me a gown. really. i'm serious. call me.

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