Tuesday, March 25, 2008

tech freakshow ##@#@!!!

can't. go. back . . . working on my C's visual presentation (paper's nearly ready), and final cut pro is not opening. some hideous problem. every solution tech support suggests fails, so far. last night, i even started to prepare in . . . gasp! . . . powerpoint (sshhhhhhh) . . . but no. i can't go there after fcp . . . it's too awful, too static, no cool widescreen option . . . i mean, it can be done. ppt isn't the worst i could do. imovie is like fcp on sedatives. oh, lordy, this is no fun. so, today, i'll be working on it around my classes and probably late into the night.

send all good tech vibes into the ether for me?

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