Sunday, March 2, 2008

a working "actor"

finally. again. if the timing works our right, i'll be extra'ing for a Disney film called "Hatching Pete." i don't care. i mean, i want a PART, but i do love being on sets. i love to see how it works. the drama. the non-drama. the total drag-*ss down time. the horrible conditions for extras . . . which recalls the time i extra'ed for The World's Fastest Indian, on the set of which, Sir Anthony Hopkins approached me on a break, and asked "what's you name?" and then intro'd himself, and we chatted. lovely. but also, on that set, the extra's "holding pen" was in an arched tin-shack-type of "building" at an ancient and crusty downtown SLC motel in which they ran the laundry and also kept all of the OLD, USED MATTRESSES from their sleaze operation. rain literally poured through the "roof," falling into buckets placed all about and very near the many space heaters they ran to keep us, um, "warm." it was a nightmare, and i'm pretty sure that had the film been a SAG operation, someone could have filed some sort of suit. but i just did my thing. i probably didn't do myself any favors by telling the head of our agency, (who had decided to play a "madam" as an extra because she wanted to work with Sir Anthony), that, for me, this kind of work? . . . "never again," i said. stupid, because, well, i have this idea about martyrdom and karmic payoff . . . we'll see . . .

oh, i did see "myself" when we went to the screening of WFI, but it was more like a blur of a green dress i knew i'd worn, and i recognized the vintage handbag i'd brought (my own) to the set. so there's that little moment of sharing the screen w/ Sir Anthony Hopkins :)

so but anyhow. i hope they will start sending me out again soon. i need to drop by to show them that i haven't gained 100 pounds or radically changed my look. whatever. so i'm extra'ing, at least (again, if the scheduling's right; at least, i've been asked). i'll let you know how that goes.

in the meantime, i *desperately* need a new head shot (mine is kinda sad). these days, headshots are moving to color instead of black and white, which is a shame because b/w seems to cover a lot of flaws. see above (not my actual headshot). whatever. color, okay. it's honest. and i'm into acting for the honesty (that sounds way more ironic than it is).

and Laura Linney should have won the Oscar. see The Savages. go. now. PSH and LL? actors' paradise.

(and no, my nose is not that big nor my forehead that shiny).

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