Wednesday, April 23, 2008


maybe this year i'll make it to Cannes . . . i know someone who knows someone (really, i do!) who works in the American Pavillion, and she says that he says it's Hell, but i anticipate something far more fabulous, even if the whole experience requires a sedative. but so while i'm dreaming, i'll enjoy the newly stylized logo, which i was able to download (so i'm assuming it's okay), said ability not at all like my failed attempt at downloading this year's "official poster," which is (no surprise) all retro noir and Marilyn.

also no surprise is seeing Clint Eastwood's film, Changeling, in the competitive lineup. Angelina Jolie is in the film, and as i searched the site for the links i'm providing here (you're welcome), i discovered a puzzling neglect. i'm confused by Ms. Jolie's headshot at (Ms. Jolie, you need a new publicist to manage these affairs. That is to say, this is a lovely photo, but you are now well beyond Gone in Sixty Seconds. call me). but Eastwood: everyone seems to love what Clint does, and he is very talented, to be sure. but i'm sort of not in that loop. it's not that i'm *not* a fan, but more that i don't feel compelled to speak of him in hushed tones, as is the convention. maybe, just maybe, it's *working with Mr. Eastwood* that inspires such reverence, and i. have not. had. the honor.

so but for now, put me down in Wim Wenders' camp; he is also in competition -- for the 15th time -- with his film, The Palermo Shooting. mad for Wim Wenders . . . and Milla Jovovich, who is the film as "herself." Also in the film as "selves" are Patti Smith (i met her at Sundance this year, and she and changed my life, again. not massive, soul-shaking change, but a small adjustments that needed tending to. thank-you, Ms. Smith. see Stephen Sebring's loving and ghostly-beautiful tribute, Patti Smith: Dream of Life. amazing.), and Lou Reed. Dennis Hopper, "Multi-talented and unconventional actor/director regarded by many as one of the true "enfant terribles" of Hollywood,"* (ahem), has the role of "Frank."

Gondry is involved in a short. Soderbergh's got a film on Che. see the full list, above . . .

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