Sunday, April 13, 2008

hedwig, again (naturally) . . .

at side effects, we are reminded (ahhhh . . .) of "sex and death" and see a visual rendering of the erosion of "androgyne" (Plato, Aristophanes, etc.) via Pascal Szidon's film, a lovely work that wants to animate the myth. i had to reproduce it here in my hopeful attempt to participate in this good and important work:

fab. but the piece also recalled for me one of my favs, Hedwig and the Angry Inch . . . Stephen Trask's engaging lyrics, John Cameron Mitchell's soul-quaking performance, . . . Emily Hubley's fun animation.

so but. "The Origin of Love":

btw, Hubley's feature film, The Toe Tactic is now out (i got to extra in a scene she workshopped at the Sundance Filmmaker Labs, so i'm happy & identifying like a madwoman, "as though we ourselves, had produced what we had heard" -- Longinus).

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