Monday, April 7, 2008

marc jacobs chanels trish mcevoy. . .

. . . with this breathe of fresh and deliciously androgynous fragrance. when trish discontinued #7, "basil tonic," i tried for months to find one remaning bottle and deployed several labyrinthine search attempts to get at it. no luck. only tears. disappointment. a sense that the world had gone terribly wrong (all i can now find is trish's #9, a sticky bath of fruity sweetness).

but now, marc jacobs saves the day (doesn't marc always save the day?). to be sure, marc's "basil splash" isn't as heady and joyful as (was) the "tonic," but it's awfully nice (and terrifically subtle; one must get very close to sesnse it, and then, . . . a surprising pleasure . . .).

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