Monday, April 28, 2008

home design

see, i'm never going to have this fabulous set-up, the variously cool-hued objets de verre dangling ambivalently about my antique verre biseauté windows. it's not. going. to happen.

but i can have the image taped to my wall. just like i can have the slightly frumpy-chic bedroom in dusty white fabric and metal with pops of orange and cerullean in tiny, chic fabric bits, here and there. it's there, on my living room wall, a luscious, dreamy landscape of idyllic scenes i inhabit in my imaginary (real) home. or this. who could dream of such a living room?

and as i frame up my images before tearing or cutting (usually, tearing) them out of their shiny catalog-homes, i work especially hard to maintain the textual descriptions, item numbers, and other identifying hieroglyphics, for they manifest a secret lexicon that magically creates the discursive web of my interior architecture. and it's, spectacular, really.

really. you should see it.


Anonymous said...

your exterior architexture is pretty cute too!

ooh, love the typo!


bonnie lenore kyburz said...

ha ;)

stand up straight & let me get a look at you

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