Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Are the Strange

i finally watched the whole film, not just YouTube clips (which are p-r-i-t-t-y illuminating and enaging in themselves). what a relief that i LOVE this film; i was tiny bit worried, given that i've made these elaborate plans (well, i've begun to make the elaborate plans) to make a documentary about M dot Strange (the filmmaker).

so but i'll wait to "comment" via my documentary. in the meantime, let me simply say that the film is like nothing else you've seen . . . and yet, like much of what you've seen -- it's 8-bit aesthetic converges with inventive technological moves that generate an oldschool charm via newschool and extreme diy tech . . . steampunk, post Gondry-level magic w/r/t using the ordinary to generate the extraordinary. vibratory pleasure and wonder and enchantment. you must. see. it.

in the meantime, enjoy this response (i did) from Film Baby, the online venue from which i purchased the dvd (note: worth it!):

Hi bonnie,


I am pleased to announce that your film has been shipped today!

We Are The Strange

Please rest assured that we've taken great care in the shipping of your DVD. We hold true to an ancient DVD shipping tradition passed down for over 5000 years. This very intensive practice is only achieved after years of training, meditation, purity of mind, and deep breathing exercises. After a rigorous 17 step process of verifying the authenticity of your DVD, we donned silk gloves and placed it into a sacred box made of magic and lined with Unicorn fur, tied the box with a strand of Gypsy hair, and wrapped the whole thing in a snazzy looking faux gold leaf paper, with elm leaf inlay from Costco. Unfortunately, by the time it gets to you, all of that fancy stuff will likely have been picked clean by the greedy postal service employees. Please don't be surprised to see just a plain cardboard box.

We hope you enjoy your DVD and that you'll come back to Film Baby real soon to browse all of the other great independently created entertainment that we have to offer.

name withheld,
President, Film Baby

P.S. We snuck a little surprise in the box for you too! [it was popcorn. yay! . . . but maybe spaceman [sic] ice cream dots would have been a better choice?].

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