typing test

82 words


03frogs said…
um . . . i type 15 wpm. actually i TYPE quite fast - however, apparently spelling counts. hmph.

you win, speedy!
03frogs said…
by the way - i took me half an hour to type that last comment.
Kafkaz said…
In high school, we *had* to take typing class. The girls (it was always girls) who were good typists got to use the electrics. The rest of us had to plug away at the manuals.

I flirted madly with a very cute bad boy who crept all around the room--at ankle height--during one typing test, unplugging the good girls' typewriters as he went.

The quick bad boy f-ed up the prissy girls' typing tests. Oh, how I loved him in that moment.

I think I typed under twenty words a minute, at that point. I've refused to time myself ever since.

But I've always loved a really good bad boy.